Class-Size Chaos

TAKE ACTION! Tell State Lawmakers to Fund Class-Size Limits!

The NCGA’s 2016 budget included a provision mandating a reduction in grade K-3 class sizes. Unfortunately, the NCGA failed to provide the funding necessary to meet the new class-size limits.

  • School districts have been left with no money for teachers of subjects like art, music, P.E., STEM, drama, and world languages. Districts will be forced to eliminate these vital courses and/or increase class sizes in grades 4-12, where the state places no limits on allowable class sizes. Unless there is a resolution, school districts across the state will be making layoff and reassignment decisions as early as March 2018.
  • The mandate provided neither time nor funding for school systems to create the physical space to accommodate the additional classrooms these smaller classes will need. And students are already seeing harmful effects as districts are moving towards meeting the new class-size requirements. Some have lost daily special classes, leaving teachers or parent volunteers to fill the gap on “off” days.
  • Without action from the NCGA, the problem will only get worse next year as schools convert specialized instructional rooms into K-3 classrooms. Some students may even be moved to different schools due to the reduction of capacity at their current schools. None of this is good for our students.

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